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Kahve Sanatı ve 'Nuria Salcedo Carbonell'

2016 Londra Kahve Festivali'nde 'kahve sanatı' alanında çalışmalarıyla ses getirmiş olan Nuria Salcedo Carbonell çok sevdiğimiz bir sanatçı.

Festivalde 'Kahve Sanatı Pojesi / Coffee Art Project' sayesinde 'Project Waterfall' kapsamında, yaklaşık katılan 40 sanatçı arasından seçilerek, 'Hidden' resmi ile festivalde yer aldı! Dünyada kahve yetiştiren topluluklara temiz içme suyu ve sanitasyon getirmek üzere açık artırma ile satılan resimlerden £350,000 gelir elde edildi.

Carbonell, mesleğine aşık, her zaman yeniliklere açık, kahve tutkunu bir mimar ve şu an yaptığı sanat dünyada 'coffee art/ coffee illustration' olarak geçiyor... Sağlık sebebiyle çok fazla kahve içmeyen sanatçı, resimlerinde 'Nescafé coffee powder' kullanıyor. Resme başlarken, işin temelinden başlanması gerektiğini düşünüyor ve yaratıcı insanların 'hobi' olarak başladıkları uğraşlarının bir gün işe dönüşebileceğinin en güzel temsilcilerinden.

Sanatçının çalışmaları Facebook, Twitter and Instagram'dan @nuriamarq kullanıcı ismi üzerinden takip edilebilir...

İşte bu değerli sanatçılardan Nuria Salcedo Carbonell ile Kahve Gazetesi röportajı...

Carbonell sanatıyla ilgili İspanyol Kübizm akımının temsilcisi Picasso'nun çok güzel bir yorumunu paylaşıyor, şöyle; 'Sanat, ruhlarımızdan günlük hayatın tozunu alıp götürüverir.'

Orijinalliğini korumak adına 'İngilizce' metin üzerinde düzeltme yapılmadı.

Kahve Gazetesi: Could you please tell us about who is ‘Nuria Salcedo Carbonell’? How Nuria Carbonell has started ‘coffee art’?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : My name is Nuria Salcedo Carbonell and I am from a small town near Valencia (Spain). I have a degree in Architecture and I am an art enthusiast and aspiring illustrator. My work can be found in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at Nuriamarq, my artistic pseudonym. I have always loved drawing but my passion for it started three years ago when I saw in it a way to escape reality, a way to relax. The best way I always find to express what drawing means to me is this quote by Picasso: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. But what I started as a hobby became something else the moment I started sharing my work in social media. Due to the lack of opportunities in architecture, I began to give art more and more of my time. As a self-taught artist, I started to try a lot of techniques, different styles…I learnt from my limitations and I started to find out what worked for me and what didn’t. Until one day in 2015 when I came across an artist who worked with coffee (Maria A. Aristidou) and I decided to give it a try. I have always liked being creative and coffee gave me a lot of new possibilities. For a lot of people coffee is a daily product but for me is much more: it is a daily product that everyone has at home with the ability of turning into something that gives uniqueness and personality to an illustration. It felt like the right technique for me and using it could mean making my work recognizable. I fell in love with it after finishing my first piece and I have not stopped using coffee since then.In a moment when I am still trying to decide if I will be able to make a living by painting, turning a hobby into a job, one thing is sure: coffee has given me a lot of things and its worth goes beyond just a drink, at least for me.

Kahve Gazetesi:Could you tell us about your art & works in illustration?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : Even though these days I mainly work with coffee and a lot of people define me as a coffee illustrator.

I started doing portraits with a black pencil. I think that when you are learning something new you have to start with the basics. So for me a black pencil was the easiest way to start drawing again. For a long time I drew only black and white portraits but after a year or so I decided to try with coloured pencils. I have also tried watercolours and pastels but for some reason I always go back to coffee.

Kahve Gazetesi: Have you been to Turkey? Could you please tell us about the coffee festivals you have attanded so far?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : I have never been to Turkey but I have read enough to know that it is a beautiful country with a very rich and valuable culture. But I have been lucky enough to participate in the London Coffee Festival in April last year. During this Coffee Festival there is a parallel art event organized by the Coffee Art Project where around 30-40 artists from all around the world show their creations which have a justifiable conceptual link to coffee. My illustration “Hidden” was selected to take part in it last year and although I could not attend it I am really familiar with this event in London.

I know also a little bit about the event in New York but I am still learning about this entire world and all the events involving coffee. I only started in the “coffee world” doing coffee illustrations as a hobby a year ago and although I would like to see it as something more than a passion one day, I have still a long way to go.

Kahve Gazetesi: Are your works popular in your Country? Turkish people are delighted to see coffee art on paper...

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : Drawing was something that I started to do seriously last year and before starting to do it with coffee and thanks to my social media accounts, I had been able to “bring” it to different countries. For some time I did anonymously and I think this is why my work is not so popular here in Spain, but once I started working with coffee I began to take drawing more seriously. Now I have quite a large audience in Instagram and I am very grateful because every single nice comment or like encourages me to keep doing my best and keep learning. I have been lucky enough to have my work featured in some coffee blogs or even once in the news in other countries and a couple of times here in my country too. But being honest it is not all about popularity because it comes and goes but about being able to turn a hobby into a job and make a living from it. As long as people like what I do, I will keep working hard to make the most of this opportunity and if someday it becomes something more than a hobby, I will be so grateful to everyone who helped me/helps me through this journey.

Kahve Gazetesi: Could you tell us about your thoughts on third wave coffee and alternative brewing?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : I am not an expert in this field and I only know a couple of things I read in coffee blogs or news but I would say that any process or alternative step that improves the qualities of a product is something to bear in mind. And I do not need to be an expert to know that a product that is well treated during its production is going to be ten times better than one that is mistreated. I saw that coffee was something more than a drink so I respect people who want to turn it into a high-quality product because as I did, they have seen something special in it. In addition, I had the chance to see a barista working and her passion for offering another kind of “coffee experience” and I can clearly see now how drinking coffee can turn into something really special.

Kahve Gazetesi: Do you have any favourite coffee? And, do you do Chemex or pour over at home? And buy fresh beans; follow the coffee ritual at home etc?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : Funny answer, I do not drink coffee very often. Let’s say that my body and caffeine do not get on well. But I found an alternative to its normal use that suits me better and for that I need coffee powder because it is water-soluble and when I mix the powder with water I can get something similar to a watercolour. So I usually work with Nescafé coffee powder even though I would really like to have the right equipment to do all the process from the beginning. It would give my work more value.

Kahve Gazetesi: How can people follow your art? Is it possible to buy your works online?

Nuria Salcedo Carbonell : At the moment I am not selling my work yet. It is something I want to do in a near future but for now, people can follow my work on my social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) at @nuriamarq.

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